Technical Information

As already stated there is little to none information available on the "Minolta PCW-1".
Here is a extremely-work-in-progress-list of what I know so far:

  there were only built 10.000 units
  it was built as some kind of link for typewriter-users who didnīt want to change to a PC too suddenly
  mine comes with an attached typewriter-printer so that it seems that there is only one unit

Many Thanks to Mr. Buchwald of "Konica Minolta Business Solution Deutschland GmbH" for the following information:

  it was built from 1988 to 1992 and sold as "Textsystem"
  The very convenient and compact Minolta-specific Software contains some kind of form-processing
  for reading in forms manually (using the printer), name the fields and then fill and print them with the text-processor
  the CPU is a 186-Prozessor
  it uses DOS 2.11 as Operating System
  it has 512 KB of main memory
  (the successors PCW-2 and 3 have 640 KB)
  the printers are TEC or NEC-models

As you can see: this list doesnīt deserve to be called a list by now.
So please help me to make it grow longer...